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Accounts Payable

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The Accounts Payable module allows you to enter, change, or print your vendor information and much of your purchase information.  To use Accounts Payable programs, you must already have necessary information entered into SY-A, Enter/Change Comp Info including your checking account, Purchase Order (P/O) defaults, and your company name (for printing).  You will also need the terms information entered into SY-B, Enter/Change Terms Info.  For a complete list of what needs to be set up before using Accounts Payable, see Getting Started.


In Accounts Payable you can record all of your vendor information.  You can find out which of your vendor invoices are overdue, choose the ones you want to pay, and print the checks to pay them.  You can also print your vendor information out as a simple list of names and codes, a list with addresses and telephone contacts (on paper or Rolodex cards), or an extended list of vendors and purchase information.  Any recurring non-inventory type transactions such as rent, utilities, or lease payments can be handled in Accounts Payable, saving time and freeing you from remembering.  In addition, Advanced Accounting 7 makes all of this information available throughout the system, so the vendor data you enter here can be called up instantly in another module.


The Accounts Payable module contains the program options listed below.  Immediately following that is an overview of the program operations.  Finally, you will see a detailed explanation of each program, describing how to use each one.


A -        Enter/Change Vendors

B -        Enter/Change Vouchers

C -        Print Inv Due by Date

D -        Pick Vouch/Inv to Pay

E -        Print Pro-forma Chk Reg

F -        Print Checks

G -        Print Aging

H -        Print Vendor Code & Name

I -        Print Vendor General Info

J -        Print Vendor Purch Info

K -        Print Vendor Mail Labels

L -        Print Vendor Rolodex

M -        Enter Recurring Vouchers

N -        Generate Recurring Vouch

O -        Void A/P Check

P -        Print A/P Payment History

Q -        Purge A/P Payment History



       A - Enter/Change Vendors

Enters new vendors or changes information about current vendors.  Also use Enter/Change Vendors to delete a current vendor.  You will not be able to delete a vendor, or change the Vendor Code, if that vendor has outstanding invoices or outstanding credits.


       B - Enter/Change Vouchers

Enters vouchers (used for non-inventory charges, manual checks, or account adjustments) directly to Accounts Payable (A/P) without creating a Purchase Order (P/O).  You may change a transaction entered using Enter/Change Vouchers until you make a payment on the invoice.  The voucher may be distributed over a maximum of 10 different G/L accounts.


       C - Print Inv Due by Date

Creates a listing of all invoices due or overdue between two dates.  You also have the option of automatically "tagging" all printed invoices so that Advanced Accounting will recognize them as ready to be selected for payment.


       D - Pick Vouch/Inv to Pay

Marks for payment the items created in AP-B or PO-D, Receive Purchase Orders.  You may either automatically pay all outstanding items or choose which ones are to be paid.  The invoices marked to be paid in this program are used in AP-E, Print Pro-forma Chk Reg and AP-F, Print Checks.


       E - Print Pro-forma Chk Reg

Prints a listing of invoices that have been selected to be paid and the net effect of these items on the checking account.  The report is printed in vendor code order.


       F - Print Checks

This program will print checks on appropriate forms to pay the invoices chosen in AP-B, AP-D or AP-C.  You can reprint the checks if there is a problem.  Once accepted, the items will be automatically posted to all applicable files and accounts.


       G - Print Aging

Prints three different kinds of aging.  The first is a single-vendor overview for a quick scan of one account.  The second is a standard aging report sorted by vendor giving totals for current, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days (or for periods you can define).  The third is a very useful listing of open invoices grouped by type of payment terms.


       H - Print Vendor Code & Name

Prints a listing of vendor codes and names only.


       I - Print Vendor General Info

This program will print the vendor general information including address, contact, and telephone number.


       J - Print Vendor Purch Info

Prints vendor purchase information in a spreadsheet fashion for an entire year by month.  You are able to limit the report by year, from/through vendor code, from/through vendor class, for purchases over a certain amount.


       K - Print Vendor Mail Labels

Prints mailing labels in vendor code order.  You may also print in zip code order, and may limit the printing by entering a range of vendor or ZIP codes.


       L - Print Vendor Rolodex

Prints general vendor information on Rolodex cards.  You may choose to print all vendors, limit by vendor code or print only new vendors not yet printed using this program.


       M - Enter Recurring Vouchers

Allows you to enter vouchers to serve as templates for identical periodic transactions such as rent, utilities, and lease payments.  Once the template is created, use AP-N to generate and post the voucher automatically, avoiding periodic reentry of the transaction.  If the transaction changes, the recurring voucher can be edited with no change in the posting procedure.


       N - Generate Recurring Vouchers

Generates and posts invoices from the recurring voucher templates entered in AP-M, Enter Recurring Vouchers.


       O - Void A/P Checks

Voids checks that have already been printed and posted in the A/P module.  You can print the accompanying A/P Void Register to screen, disk or printer.


       P - Print A/P Payment History

Prints a listing of paid Accounts Payable checks, in vendor order, within specified ranges.  For each vendor the listing includes the bank account name, the check number, date, and amount, and the invoice numbers, dates, and amounts for which the check was written.


       Q - Purge A/P Payment History

Purges the Accounts Payable check files, subject to limitation by range of vendor codes, bank accounts, check dates, and check numbers.  Prints a listing of purged Accounts Payable checks, in vendor order.  See Important Times, Appendix D, for more information on purging your history files.




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