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SY-A - Enter/Change Company Info

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Purpose of Program


       This program includes 6 sub-options, listed below.

       SY-A-A - Enter/Change Company Interface Company infoTAB

       SY-A-B - Enter/Change Invoicing Defaults Invoice Defaults TAB

       SY-A-C - Enter/Change A/P P/O Defaults PO Defaults TAB

       SY-A-D - Enter/Change Checking Accounts Checking Account TAB

       SY-A-E - Supplemental Settings TAB

       SY-A-F - SO Quote defaults


       You will be entering Company information as part of your initial setup of Advanced Accounting 7.  Be sure to see Getting Started for a general background on entering information in these four sub-options.


General Program Operation


       When you run this program the above is displayed.  Choose the appropriate option tab.  Press the exit button to exit the program.


       You must save the changes made before exiting from the program.  Press the save button to save any changes made.  The following dialog box will be displayed:


       Enter Y or click on the Yes button.  You can then click on the Exit button or press the ESC key to exit the program.






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