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AP-Q - Purge A/P Payment History

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Purpose of Program


Use this program to remove your paid Accounts Payable checks from the A/P check history file.  You cannot void a check once it has been purged.


This program also produces a listing of the purged checks.  For each vendor, the listing includes the bank account name, the check number, date, and amount, and the invoice numbers, dates, and amounts for which the checks were written.


Advanced Accounting 7 provides this program to purge your check history files in order to make room for new transactions to be entered.  For a more complete discussion of the maintenance of history files, see Appendix D, Important Times.


General Program Operation

The first option is a dialog box that allows you to purge all bank accounts or choose just one.  If you enter No here then the standard Bank Account list will be displayed and you will be able to choose the appropriate account.

Next, you can limit which checks are purged and the resultant purge listing by entering a range of vendor codes, check dates, or check numbers when the screen above is displayed.  If you leave the limit fields blank, the entire range will be purged and printed.  After the limits are entered, you will be asked to confirm your purge request.


When the checks are purged and printing of the purge report is complete, you are returned to the main menu.




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