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Getting Started

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The information in this section is not a simple "installation procedure" that can be started and completed in a few hours.  For example, the planning phase (Phase 1 below) should not be bypassed as a way to get up and running faster - you'll find this time spent "up front" will save you much time in the long run.


In the process of stepping through each of the items in this section, you will be learning about Advanced Accounting 7 as well as preparing and entering your company information.  We have included a set of data files on your distribution diskette that represent a hypothetical company to show you one way to set up company data.  This data, as well as the program summaries found in this manual, can help you see how Advanced Accounting 7 operates and how you would like it to work for you.      


The suggested sequence in this section can be broken into 3 general phases:


1.        Preparing for setup:  Planning, accumulating your data

2.        Entering initial information:  Establishing system defaults and entering summary and detailed information as of your startup date (for example, end of month, quarter, or year)

3.        Updating information with recent/ongoing transactions (any transactions since your startup date)


You will probably want to maintain your previous bookkeeping system (whether manual or computerized) as you implement each one of these phases.  By the final phase, you will be running "in parallel" with your older system and will then be able to determine when you are ready to handle all transactions exclusively through Advanced Accounting 7.


Phase 1 is covered in the section Before You Set up Advanced Accounting 7 (Steps A-E). Phase 2 includes steps 1-18 of the Checklist:  Setting Up Advanced Accounting 7 for Your Company and Phase 3 includes steps 19 through 24 of the same section.  A summary checklist is provided at the end of this section.


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