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AP-O - Void A/P Checks

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Purpose of Program


Use this program to void an A/P check after it has already been printed and posted.  A/P checks can be voided until they are purged from the check history file in AP-Q, Purge A/P Check History.  You must use AP-D, Pick Vouch/Inv to Pay if you wish to cancel a check that has not yet been printed and posted.  This program also prints a report of check information for each voided check.


General Program Operation

When you run this program, the screen above is displayed and the bank account menu is offered.  Move the menu bar to the account the check is drawn on and press ENTER.  Your choice is displayed in the Bank Account field.


Enter the check number of the check you want to void.  The program automatically prints a report called the A/P Void Register when you run this program, and you are offered the usual option of printing to Screen, Disk, or Printer.  This report similar to the regular Pro-forma Check Register from AP-E, giving you a valuable hard-copy record of the voided check.


You may want to send the report to the screen to verify that you entered the right number for the check you want to void, but once you are sure, we recommend sending the A/P Void Report to the printer.  If you do want to print the report twice, you must be sure not to void the check the first time, then run this program again to print again.


After the report has printed, you are asked if you want to void the check:


If you answer Y, the program reverses every operation performed in AP-F when paying the check originally.  See the description of these operations in that program for further explanation.


If you answer N, you are returned to the Check Number field to enter another check to void.


After voiding a check, you are returned to the main menu.



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