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The Payroll program is designed to speed up and simplify your payroll tasks and to make sure that payroll information is properly posted to the appropriate journals.  Advanced Accounting 7 allows you to enter new employee records, to change existing records, to enter standard deductions or user-defined deductions, to print your payroll checks, to void payroll checks, and to pay your withholding liability through Accounts Payable.   You can maintain separate payroll divisions with different payroll defaults.  You can also maintain a history of previous payrolls.


The following list contains the programs available in the Payroll module:


A -        Enter/Chg Employees

B -        Enter Pay Info

C -        Print Payroll Reg

D -        Print Payroll Checks

E -        Print Employee Info

F -        Print Quarter Info

G -        Print W-2's

H -        Enter Salespeople

I -        Print Salesprsn Info

J -        Transfer Commissions

K -        Maintain Tax Tables

L -        Void Payroll Checks

M -        Transfer P/R Taxes

N -        Print Pay History

O -        Purge Pay History

P -        Print Time Card Info

Q -        Enter Time Card Rates


The Payroll program choices are briefly explained below.  Use this section to see which program you want to use for a given purpose.  This is followed by a listing of each program with a detailed explanation of both the screen fields and the program operation.



       A - Enter/Chg Employees

Use this program to enter new employees or change personal information for current ones.  You cannot delete an employee in this program.  To remove them from the normal payroll routine, mark them as terminated.  When you run PR-G, Print W-2s you will have the option of removing terminated employees from the file.


       B - Enter Pay Info

Use this program to enter payroll information for the current pay period for each employee.  The non-terminated employees for the specified division are displayed one at a time and you can enter hours, pay amounts, and deduction amounts, or go on to the next employee.


       C - Print Payroll Reg

Use this program to print the payroll register for the current pay period.  After you have entered the pay information in PR-B, this report helps you to confirm that all entries were made correctly.  If changes need to be made, go back to PR-B, make the appropriate changes, run this report again, and recheck.


       D - Print Payroll Checks

Once all the entries are correct, use this program to print the employees' payroll checks.  Pre-printed payroll checks are available from the authorized CAS forms manufacturer.  If the checks have been printed correctly and you accept them, the entries will be posted to all appropriate files.


       E - Print Employee Info

This program prints the information entered in PR-A, Enter/Chg Employees.  You may limit the report by employee number.


       F - Print Quarter Info

This program prints the information required for quarterly tax reports.  Make sure you get a printout of this information at the quarter's end, before running the first payroll of the next quarter.  You will be warned if the quarter-to-date information is going to be cleared.


       G - Print W-2s

This program prints year end information on W-2 forms for each employee.  You have the option of deleting all terminated employees at this time.  Make sure you get a printout of employee information (PR-E) and a disk backup of all employee data before running this program.  Be sure to print your W-2s before processing the first payroll of any new calendar year or else the withholding amounts will be incorrect on the W-2s.


       H - Enter Salespeople

This program allows you to set up commission rates for salespeople.  The rate may be a percentage based on Gross Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, or Net, and can be set to post at time of invoice or time of payment.  You can set up and track quotas as well.  The commissions due and the commissions paid are tracked month by month.


       I - Print Salesprsn Info

You can print out a report summarizing the commissions of your salespeople and limit the report by month and/or by range of salespeople.


       J - Transfer Commissions

After a payment is received, any commission to be transferred to a salesperson is initially recorded as "commissions due."  Before running payroll, you can transfer commissions due with this program to update the payroll information for that employee.


       K - Maintain Tax Tables

This program enables you to update your state and federal income tax tables for those states with income taxes.  Before using, be sure to check the applicable tables for accuracy.


       L - Void Payroll Checks

This program voids a payroll check which has been printed and posted.  To remove payroll data prior to printing checks, see PR-B, Enter Pay Info.


       M - Transfer Payroll Taxes

Use this program to transfer outstanding withholding liability amounts to Accounts Payable accounts for payment.  Outstanding amounts are updated when payroll checks are printed.  You can choose which types and amounts to transfer.


       N - Print Pay History

Advanced Accounting 7 allows you to keep the detail of the information for past payroll periods.  Although this information is useful for recent payroll periods, you should avoid letting this history file accumulate too much data.  Pay history should be archived or printed previous to periodic purging of the files.


       O - Purge Pay History

You can use this program to control the size of your payroll history file. See Appendix D, Important Times, for a discussion of maintaining history files.


       P - Print Time Card Info

This program will print the time card hours recorded for employees in PR-B.  You can sort this report several different ways and print the information on separate pages to be included with the employee's pay check.


       Q - Enter Time Card Rates

Use this program to enter the hourly rates for a specific employee.  These are the rates used in PR-B when you are adding time card hours.



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