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PR-J - Transfer Commissions

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Purpose of Program


If you have set up a commission rate for a salesperson in PR-H, Enter Salespeople, commissions due to that employee will be reflected at the posting of the invoice or payment.  Use this program to transfer all or part of the commissions due to the individual salesperson's payroll record for the current period. Commissions Due will reflect a sum of all commissions not yet transferred to the employee's pay record, including any not paid in previous months.  The screen used to perform this operation is displayed below.

Field Explanations


Month =

       The default displayed for this field is the current month.  You can type in the number of any previous month to view any commissions still due from sales in that month.


       Emp No  - Salesperson Name

       Only those salespeople with commissions due are displayed.



       This is the Class or type of commision. Empl will generate a payroll record or an Agent will generate an A/P record to be paid in A/P.


       Commissions Due

       The total commission accrued in the month displayed at the top of the screen and not yet transferred (based on the current date).


       Commissions to Pay

This field will default the same amount displayed in Commissions Due. You can enter all or part of the commissions due.


General Program Operation


Run this program before running PR-B, Enter Pay Info, for an upcoming payroll in order to calculate all taxes appropriately.  If you have already entered some information in PR-B for the current pay period, you will be prompted to recalculate the taxes for the pay period based on the commissions you just transferred.


Once the transfer is complete, the Comm Due and Comm Paid fields in the salesperson record are updated, and the Bonus/Comm amounts in the current payroll record are also updated.


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