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System Maintenance

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       The System Maintenance module of Advanced Accounting 7 includes options that you will use when initially setting up your system and for certain maintenance functions afterwards.  The System Maintenance Menu, available by selecting 'M' from the Choose menu, includes the following options:


               A -        Enter/Chg Company Info

               B -        Enter/Chg Terms Info

               C -        Enter/Chg Password Info

               D -        Enter/Chg PR/GL Intrfce

               E -        Create/Chg G/L Accounts

               F -        Create G/L Department

               G -        Change Printer Codes

               H -        Multi Printer Setup

               I -        Consolidate Financials

               J -        Multi Company Maint

               K -        Year End Routines

               L -        Reclose Prior Years

               M -        Change Related Rec Vals

               N -        Purge Old A/R & A/P Records

               M -        Post TAL Records


       All Advanced Accounting 7 users will be setting up some of their system using options A, B, D, and E. The other menu items are optional and may not be necessary for your particular company.  


Standard record search keys, described in Standard Key Functions are available throughout this module.



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