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SY-A-C - Enter/Change A/P P/O Defaults

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       Create Vend Code Auto?

       If set to N will create a Vendor Code based on the first 6 characters of the Vendor Name+State+first two characters of City.  If set to T will use the Vendor's Telephone number (all characters other than numeric removed) and if set to S will use a sequential number.


Next Vendor Num?

If Create Vend Code Auto is S then this is the next Vendor Number to use.


P/O Default ship via

       Type in the method you normally use for shipping.  You can override this default when entering a purchase order.


       P/O Dflt Entered By

       Type in the person who normally enters the P/O's.  You can override this default when entering a purchase order.


       P/O Dflt Taxable

       Enter a Y if your P/Os are generally taxable, i.e., you pay tax on the purchase.  You can override this value when entering a P/O.


       P/O Dflt Sales Tax Rate

       The default value for the sales tax rate you are normally charged on taxable P/Os.


       Print P/O on Blank Paper

       Enter a Y if you are using 8.5 x 11" paper.  Enter N if you are using preprinted continuous forms for your P/O's (available through the authorized CAS forms manufacturer).


       Print company info on P/Os

       Will print the company name and address on the P/O form.


       Aging Periods (Periods 1-5)

       You can establish up to 5 different aging periods for your purchase orders.  Defining these aging periods will allow you to view, sort, and print out vendor invoices that are over 30 days old, etc. The first aging period should always be set to 0 days in order to include all vendor invoices.  These are defaults that can be changed when you run the report (AP-G, Print Aging).


       Print Ending Lines?

       If you want to set your default to include ending lines (see below), then enter Y here.  If you answer 'yes,' you will see a prompt when you are saving the purchase order that will allow you to choose if you want to print these lines or not. If you don't want to ever see a prompt to include them, enter N.


       Ending lines

       You may include up to 5 description lines at the end of any purchase order.  If you have answered Y to the 'Print Ending Lines' question above, the PO-A, Enter Purchase Orders program will then ask you if want to include the lines on this purchase order.


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