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Purchase Order

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The Purchase Order module allows you to enter, edit, delete or review your purchase orders.  You can record receipt of goods on P/O, keep track of partial receipts, delete an invalid P/O, and invoice the received portion of an order separately.  You can print your P/O's onto pre printed forms, or print them formatted and titled onto blank paper.  You can print a listing of open P/O's in order to track the orders you have coming in.


In addition, the Purchase Order module can keep a complete history of all received purchase orders for your convenience.  These history P/O's are the same as the P/O entry screen, with all entries labeled.  You can display individual P/O's on the screen, print within a specified range, or purge your P/O history to make room for more entries.  For more information on maintaining a history file, see Appendix D, Important Times.


Before using the Purchase Order module, you need to set up your vendors in AP-A, Enter/Change Vendors and create your inventory items (IC-A, Enter/Change Inventory).  Set up your A/P and P/O default settings in SY-A-C, Enter/Change A/P P/O Defaults.


The Purchase Order module contains the program options listed below.  Immediately following that is an overview of the program operations.  Finally, you will see a detailed explanation of each program, describing exactly how to use each one.


A -        Enter Purchase Orders

B -        Print P/O's on Forms

C -        Print Open P/O List

D -        Receive P/O's

E -        Display P/O History

F -        Purge P/O History




       A - Enter/Change Purchase Orders

Enter a P/O, change those entered previously, or enter P/O returns.  You can change a P/O even if it has already been partially received using PO-D, Receive Purchase Orders.  The print option within this program prints a facsimile of the P/O.


       B - Print P/O's on Forms

Prints the information entered in PO-A, Enter/Change Purchase Orders and prints it on P/O forms, or on blank paper.  The program will print the P/O's as many times as necessary.  You may choose a range of P/O's to print or to print all P/O's not yet printed.


       C - Print Open P/O List

Prints a listing of P/O's that have not yet been received. This report can be limited and sorted by vendor code, product code, or P/O number.


       D - Receive Purchase Orders

Records receipt of items on P/O's.  You can record the entire P/O received as entered, record partial receipts, record vendor invoices for received goods, and close a P/O.  Inventory on backorder on any sales order can be invoiced and shipped only after being received in this program.


       E - Display P/O History

Displays a posted P/O on the screen, or gives you the option of printing a listing of P/O history information, in the form of a succession of P/O entry screens with entry fields labeled.


       F - Purge P/O History

Deletes all records in the P/O history file, and displays the P/O information (P/O number, amount, etc.) as they are purged.


       G - Reprint P/O

Reprint a P/O that has been printed previously.




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