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PO-E - Display P/O History

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Purpose of Program


You can use this program to view and print your closed P/O's one at a time, or to print a listing of closed P/O's, in P/O number order, restricted by ranges of P/O numbers and vendor codes.  A sample report is provided in Appendix F.


General Program Operation

When you run this program, the cursor is placed in the P/O # field.  Enter a P/O number or press F2 to choose from a list of received P/O's.  You can also move the cursor to the Vendor Code field and press the F2 key there.  In this case the program will display the closed P/O's in vendor order.  The P/O you choose is displayed on the screen, along with the date the P/O was entered.  You may not change any of the fields.  You may view the lines in the P/O by moving the cursor up or down the list.


When you press the ESC or ENTER key the program will ask if you wish to see the next P/O in the order you chose, i.e., P/O number or vendor code.  If you enter Y the next P/O will be displayed.  If you enter N the program will return to the P/O # field.


Printing Options

You have two print options in this program:


  ·If you press F3 to print when the cursor is in the P/O # field, you can enter ranges of P/O numbers and vendor codes to limit a printed listing of received P/O's.  You can print all P/O's or some subset of them with this option.


  ·If you choose to display a specific P/O, the cursor is placed in the Product Code field.  Pressing F3 in this field prints only the P/O currently displayed.


Press ESC when you are finished viewing the P/O currently displayed.  The program asks you to confirm that you are finished, then places the cursor in the P/O # field for you to choose another P/O to view.  Press ESC in the P/O # field to exit the program.


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