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Default Records

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You can create default records for customers, vendors, taxing authorities and inventory items that will set the defaults for any and all values when entering a new record.  To do this enter a record in AR-A, Enter/Change Customers, AP-A, Enter/Change Vendors, AR-L, Maintain Taxing Authorities, IC-A, Enter/Change Inventory Items or SC-A - Enter/Change Contacts with the code of DEFAULT.  Enter the appropriate values into each field you wish to preset then save the record.  When you add a new customer, vendor, tax authority or inventory item, the program will search for the DEFAULT record.  If it is found, the values you have set in that record (other than the code of DEFAULT) will be used as defaults for the rest of the fields in that record as appropriate.  You can easily change any of these defaults by calling up the DEFAULT record and making the appropriate changes.  The next time you enter a new record the new default values will be used.


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