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SC-A Enter/Change Contacts

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Purpose of Program


Use this program to enter a new contact for an existing customer, vendor or employee.  Or, to enter a contact for a potential customer.


Field Explanations


Standard Contact Information



The contact code.  This is similar to the Customer Code (AR-A) or Vendor Code (AP-A) but doesn't have to be the same.  You will use this code to search for the contact



If the word NOTES appears to the right of the Code when a record is active (displayed on the screen) then you have notes recorded for this contact.  To display them press the Alt-F1 key.  For more information please see Advanced Accounting 7 Overview, TASNotes.



This is a user definable code that can be used to categorize this contact.  Enter or change status codes in SC-I - Maintain Status File.



The date this contact was created.  Defaults to today's date.



The contact's first name.



The contact's middle initial.



The contact's last name.


Reference title (after last name)

This may be any two letter title such as MS, MR or DR, etc.



This is the contact's job title.



Company name.


Add 1

The first of 2 address lines.


Add 2

The second of 2 address lines.  This can be a second address or simply a suite number.



City, State and Zip (Postal Code).





Phone Numbers

From Office through Modem, these are the numbers you would use to contact this person.


Our Employee

If this contact is your employee you can enter their employee number here.  Press the F2 key to search the employee file.



The contacts email address.



If the contact has a broadband (fast) Internet connection then click on this box.



If this contact (or their company) has a web address you might want to save that address here.



These two lines are for general remarks.  Notes can be attached to the contact by pressing the Alt-F1 key (ALT & F1 at the same time).


Linked To

If this contact is linked to a customer or vendor record then this should be set to C for customer or V for vendor.


Link Code

If the Linked To value above is set to C or V then this is the customer/vendor code that applies to this contact.  You can lookup codes by pressing the F2 key when in this field.  The appropriate lookup list will be displayed depending on whether the Linked To field value is C or V.



General Program Operation


Creating a New Contact Record

When the screen is first displayed the cursor is located in the Code field.  Enter a new Contact Code and press ENTER.  Use codes that will help you identify contacts in groups or alphabetical ranges for other operations in Advanced Accounting.


 This program will automatically create a Contact Code by using a combination of the first 6 characters of the Contact Name, then the State and the first two characters of the City.  To have the system create a code for you just press the ENTER key when you're at the Contact Code (leave it blank).  Before you are asked if you wish to save the record the new code will be displayed.  If for some reason the code would conflict with one already on file you will be notified and you must change it so that it doesn't.


You can also set the defaults values for each field in a new contact record by creating a DEFAULT record.  For more information about this please refer to Default Records.


If the Code has been previously used the appropriate record will be displayed.  To clear the screen so that you can enter another code, press F3.


After you enter the new Contact Code, fill in the rest of the appropriate fields (see Field Explanations above).  You can save a record in either of two ways:


1.After you fill in the last field and press ENTER, the program asks whether you want to save the record:


If you answer Y, the record will be saved and the screen cleared.


If you answer N, the program will return you to the Name field to edit the record.  If you use the Up arrow to enter the Code field at this point, any data entered and not saved will be lost.


2.At any time while entering data, you can press F10 and the program asks whether you want to save the record. Your options are the same as in choice 1.


You must answer Y when asked if you want to save the record before the record will be permanently recorded in the contact file.  The program will not allow you to save a record that does not have a contact code.


Changing an Existing Contact Record

If you need to change a contact address or telephone number, or if some other important information has changed, find the existing contact record by performing one of the following operations:


1.Enter the full contact code at the Code field and press ENTER.


2.Use the standard record search keys to search for the code. For a list of these keys and their functions see the explanation in the Standard Key Functions.


3.Use the list display option to choose from a list of contacts.  Press F2 to display the list of existing contacts, then proceed as explained in Lookup Lists.


Once the contact record is displayed, you may change any of the fields except for Code.


 To change a Contact Code please refer to SY-K, Change Related Rec Vals.


Deleting an Existing Contact Record

Find the appropriate record as in the change process above.  Press the F4 key.  The program will ask you to verify the delete request. Once it is deleted the record cannot be recovered.  You will have to reenter the contact if it is deleted in error.


Converting a Contact to a Customer or Vendor

Once the contact record has been saved you can create a customer or vendor record for that contact.  Find the contact record as in Changing an Existing Contact Record above.  Press the ENTER key until the cursor is in the First field.  Press the  ^S key (CTRL+S) or click on the ^S button.  When you do the menu below will be displayed.


Choose the appropriate Customer or Vendor option.  Next, the program will use the same code entered for the contact and offer that as a default as below:


If you chose Vendor above then the window will say Vendor Code instead of Customer Code.  If you wish to use a different code then enter it now, otherwise just press the ENTER key.


You will have one last chance to approve the new customer/vendor as above.  If you enter Y or click on the Yes button the record will be created.  If there is already a record with the same code you've chosen then the appropriate message will be displayed and you will need to choose a different code.


Displaying Follow-up Records for this Contact

Once the contact record has been saved you can list, edit and create new follow-ups for that contact.  Find the contact record as in Changing an Existing Contact Record above.  Press the ENTER key until the cursor is in the First field.  Press the  PageDown key or click on the PgDn Dis Folw button.  When you do, a standard lookup list will be displayed.  If you choose to edit an existing record or create a new one the program will chain to SC-B - Follow-ups.


Creating a Default Customer/Vendor Contact Record

From the customer (AR-A - Enter/Change Customers) or vendor (AP-A - Enter/Change Vendors) program you can easily add a default record for that customer/vendor.  Choose the appropriate Contact option for that program.  When this program is run it will check to see if a contact record exists with the same code as the customer/vendor.  If not, you will be asked whether or not you want to create the default record.  If you enter Yes the customer/vendor address, name, phone and fax number will be entered automatically into the contact record.  You will have to split up the contact name since it's just one piece in the customer/vendor record and is saved as first, mi and last in this program.  You will also be able to add email addresses and other phone numbers as desired.


The balance of the entry routine is the same as adding a new contact record.










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