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Loss of Entry Protection

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Advanced Accounting 7 has a unique feature that you will be thankful for again and again.  Built in to many of the programs is a special 'watchdog' that knows when you've made changes to a record (customer, vendor, inventory item, etc.) and are about to lose those changes because of something you've just done.  For example, a customer calls and says their address has changed.  So, you call up their record and make the appropriate changes.  Then, before you save the record (maybe you're thinking about adding a TASNote note to their account about this call) they ask about price or availability of some inventory item.  So you press the ESC key to exit back to the menu.  Just as you press the key you remember you didn't save the record yet, but ADV 7 does.  At the bottom of the screen will be a reminder that you made changes to the customer record and do you want to save the record before you continue.  Enter Y and those changes will be saved and you'll be saved from the embarrassing situation of having to ask for that information again (or trying to dredge it up from your memory).


You can control whether this process is active and what the default answer is to the save question in SY-A-A, Enter/Change Company Info.


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