Features and Functions

All modules fully integrated, Real time transaction processing; Batch options for General Journal, Invoice and PO transactions, Prevents out of balance entries, Interface support for Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL), Password protection for system and by module, Look-up tables provide browsing of related files in selected fields, Print invoices, statements and PO's on pre-printed professional forms, Universal forms or plain paper, Print mailing labels for customers and vendors, Report generator allows creation of custom reports. With the introduction of this new system we have re-written all 175 reports using our new 32bit windows print engine. Al previous reports are still supported as well. This new engine allows us to bring all of our reports graphically.

General Ledger
Chart of Accounts provided; use as is, customize or replace, Departmentalized Chart of Accounts; 10 character alphanumeric codes with 4 character department code option, Three years of General Ledger history with budgeting, Multiple bank accounts (total of 9), Reconciles bank accounts to bank statement, Bank accounts funds transfer provision, General Journal entries can be distributed over 250 accounts, ** Recurring General Journal transaction option, Full audit trail with journals, Non destructive close for interim periods, *Closing date to prevent back posting to closed periods. Reports: **Formats and prints custom Financial Statements, Prints standard Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes, GL chart of Accounts, *General Ledger reports can be searched on posting date and entry date Detailed transactions and posting, Journal postings by journal type, Detailed Trial Balance, Checking account condition and reconciled check register, *Report on outstanding checks, *Report to run a list of checks or deposits.

Accounts Receivable
Balance forward summary option on statements, 10 character alphanumeric customer code, optional 4 character classification code, Default setting for customer history,

** Default GL account code per customer, Direct entry of vouchers and credit memos, Sets price matrix level for each customer, Nine definable customer payment terms, ** five telephone numbers, ** Customer notes field , ** Recurring invoice option, User - definable aging periods for customer statements and automatic interest charge for late payments, Tracks customer prepayments, overpayments and partial payments, ** Multiple taxing authorities with taxes owing transfer provision, Credit limit amount can be defined for each customer, ** Customer refund program. Reports: Invoices, tax authorities, AR transaction listing, AR aging, statements, customer listing, customer sales history, Pro - Forma invoices, mailing labels, Rolodex cards.

Sales Order
Allows creation of new customer at invoice entry, Allows 99 line items per invoice, Combines inventory, non-inventory, and service fees on same invoice, TAX and /or discount can specified by line item or by preset defaults, Sales order processing with backorder control, Automatic lookup for customer, shipping instructions, tax status, taxing authority/rate and credit terms, Verifies availability of times ordered, if quantity available to ship is less than ordered, balance is tracked as a backordered until it can be filled. Option to reserve available items for a priority order, Automatically fills backorders in order of receipt or by priority level, Inventory location specified on sales order, maintains expected ship date and most recent ship date, Reports: Current Sales orders, invoices, backorders, invoice history, shipping labels, packing slips.

Accounts Payable
Default setting for vendor history, 10 character alphanumeric vendor code, optional 4 character classification code, Direct entry of vouchers and credit memos, ** Default GL account code per vendor, 9 different vendor account terms, ** Recurring voucher option, User - definable aging periods for vendor accounts, Prints computer checks, maintains records of handwritten checks, Tracks vendor prepayments, overpayments and partial payments, Tracks vendor discount options, Reports: AP transaction listing, AP aging, Pro Forma PO's Pro Forma Check register, vendor listing, vendor purchase history, vendor invoices due by date, mailing labels, Rolodex cards.

Purchase Order
Allows creation of new vendor at PO entry, Allows 99 items per PO, Inventory and non - inventory items can be combined on same PO, PO processing with comprehensive partial receipt, Automatic look-up for vendor, shipping instructions, and credit terms, Specify inventory location for order at PO entry, Drop-ship provisions for customers, Can combine purchases and returns on same PO, Expected receipt date maintained by PO line item, Reports: Open PO's and order history.

Inventory Control
15 character alphanumeric inventory code, 20 character alphanumeric manufacturer's part number, Supports regular and non - inventory items, 2 character unit of measure, ** 4 character category code and 4 character class code, Tracks reorder level, reorder amount, last SO date, last PO date, receipt date and item cost, Each inventory item can have its own GL taxable and non - taxable sales account, asset account, and cost of goods sold account, Tracks units on hand, on reserve, available for sale, allows adjustment of physical inventory levels at each location, Price matrixing provides flexible price structures per inventory item, Calculates average cost per item and turnover, gross sales, net sales, quantity, cost of goods, gross profit margin, MTD, YTD, and one year past sales for each inventory item, Global price change provision, Reports: Inventory availability including location summary, sales to date, general inventory information, price list, and price matrix.

** Multiply payroll divisions support multi - state withholding defaults, Handles hourly and salaried employees, ** Automatically tracks and accumulates sales commissions, All or part of commission can transferred to employee payroll record, commission can be accrued at time of invoice or time of payment on Invoice, Supports 401K deduction, Daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly pay period, * Maintains FICA< federal and state tax withholding or exemptions., maintains Workman's compensation (both employer and employee), federal and state unemployment, and SDI, 6 user definable deductions and 2 pay rates per employee per payroll, Tracks regular, overtime, vacation, holiday, bonus, and sick pay types by hour and amount for current quarter and year to date. Maintains federal and state tax tables, calculates employment tax liabilities and transfers taxes to accounts payable, Allows voiding of payroll checks, Reports: Prints payroll checks, payroll register, payroll quarterly information, employee information and * W-2's, commissions reports and detailed payroll history.

Other Modules in Version 2003

Sales Analyses featuring reports looking at your sales from all angles.

Commission sales featuring line item commissions and reports to help manage your commission agents and employee's

Construction cost

Bill of materials (Light manufacturing)

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