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SY-F - Create G/L Department

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       Departments can be set up within Advanced Accounting 7 to allow you to track the financial performance of a subgroup within your company.  


       If you choose to use departments as profit center divisions, you would only need to add department-based accounts for income and expense type accounts, as you would not need to have liability, owner's equity, or asset accounts tracked by departments. This program allows you to create a departmentalize account structure for the account types that you specify.


       As mentioned in SY-D, Enter/Chg PR/GL Interface, you can connect the payroll information of the employees in a specific division to the departments that you create here.  


         When you add a new department, your chart of accounts will include an additional account entry for all account types you select.  Selection of which accounts to departmentalize can be limited by account type; you can also use an existing department as a template.  The screen below is used to create a new department.


Field Descriptions


       Use which existing department as TEMPLATE

       If you have already set up a department that has a close resemblance to the new department you want to create, you can simply type in the existing department here.  If you enter nothing in this field, your new department will be based on the chart of accounts.


       Code of the NEW department to create

       Type in a new department code.


       Clear budget values?

       If you answer Y, the budget values in the template department will not be transferred to the new department.  If you wish to change most of the budget values for this new department, enter Y.


       Which Account Types Should Be Transferred?

       If the department you are creating does not need to track liabilities, owner's equity or assets, you can enter N for each of these to avoid transferring account types that do not apply.


General Program Operation


       If you are setting up a department for the first time, the template department is the chart of accounts for your company as a whole.  After you have created the new department, you should use GL-B, Enter/Chg/Print GJ Entries, to enter the beginning balances or to transfer funds from the original non-department based account to your newly created department-based account.


       If you wish to use departments in a more limited way, you can simply add a department extension to an existing account and save the record.  You will still have your general account number without a department as well as the new account with the department specification.  For example, instead of having multiple G/L account numbers for several different bank accounts, you could have a single G/L account number for cash, split into different departments, one for each bank account.


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