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SY-E - Create/Change G/L Accounts

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       When you are first setting up your accounts, this is where you will create the account.  You can use the chart of accounts that Advanced Accounting 7 provides as the basis for your company's account assignments, or you may wish to make minor modifications.  See Getting Started for guidance on customizing a chart of accounts for your own company.


       Do not use this program to update existing accounts or to enter beginning balances.  The lower portion of the screen should only reflect transactions you have created through a G/L entry.  For a discussion on entering a beginning balance for a new department, see Getting Started.


       Although you can alter figures for existing accounts using this program, updating account information using this method can throw your chart of accounts out of balance. If you need to alter a balance to rectify a posting error, it is highly recommended that you use the procedure outlined in Appendix C for making a one-sided entry.    


Field Explanations


       The entry screens in this program are identical to those in GL-A, View/Chg Chart of Accounts.  For more information about the fields please refer to that program.


General Program Operation


       The main purpose of this program is to create new accounts or to modify descriptions or elements of an existing account that do not affect the displayed balances.   For a new account, type in your account code, description, and account type.  Determine if the DR/CR and Non-Cash setting is correct for this account.  You will then be able to use this account within other programs in Advanced Accounting.


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