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Customizing Advanced Accounting 7 to Your Needs

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The setup; phases 1, 2 and 3; is comprehensive:  guidance is provided for every module included within Advanced Accounting 7.  Depending on your requirements, you might not need to follow the detail of every one of these steps.


Advanced Accounting 7 lets you start with a subset of its functionality, and as your requirements change, you can take advantage of other aspects of the system.  For example, you could use Advanced Accounting 7 just to create and track General Journal entries without taking advantage of the rest of the modules.  Some businesses might use just the Accounts Receivable module and create vouchers without going into the more formal procedure of using invoices or using the Accounts Payable portion of Advanced Accounting 7.


If you are starting with a subset of Advanced Accounting 7 and later find you want to use another function (such as adding inventory control or payroll information), return to the startup procedure discussed here for a general perspective on the interrelationship of these modules to your existing system.


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