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Check List

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Phase 1:  Before You Set Up Advanced Accounting 7


A.        Look at Advanced Accounting 7 using the sample company data.
B.        Close the accounting records in your previous system.
C.        Go over the financial statements and chart of accounts provided by Advanced Accounting 7 with your accountant.
D.        Prepare your inventory, employee, vendor, and customer data.
E.        Run WBKCLRDAT.RWN to remove sample data.


Phase 2:  Entering Initial Information


1.        SY-E        Create/Chg G/L Chart of Accounts
2.        SY-F        Create G/L Department (Optional)
3.        GL-H        Print G/L Code and Description
4.        SY-A        Enter/Chg Company Info
a) SY-A-A - Enter/Change Company/Interface

               b)        SY-A-B - Enter/Change Invoicing Defaults

               c)        SY-A-C - Enter/Change A/P P/O Defaults

               d)        SY-A-D - Enter/Change Checking Accounts

5.        GL-B        Enter/Chg/Print G/J Entries (Beginning Balance Only)
6.        GL-C        Post G/J Transactions
7.        GL-F        Enter Financial Statements
8.        GL-G        Print Financial Statements
9.        SY-B        Enter/Chg Terms Info
10.        AP-A        Enter/Change Vendors
11.        SY-D        Enter/Chg PR/GL Interface
12.        PR-A        Enter/Chg Employees
13.        PR-H        Enter Salespeople (Optional)
14.        IC-H        Enter Price Matrix (Optional)
15.        IC-A        Enter/Chg Inventory                
16.        IC-E        Print Physical Check
17.        AR-L        Enter Tax Authority
18.        AR-A        Enter/Change Customers


Phase 3:  Updating Your System With Recent Information


19.        Enter        Inventory Information Run WBKBEGINV.RWN
20.        AR-B        Enter/Change Vouchers
21.        AR-F        Print Aging
22.        AP-A        Enter/Change Vendors
23.        AP-B        Enter/Change Vouchers
24.        AP-G        Print Aging        




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