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SY-K - Change Related Record Values

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Purpose of Program

In Advanced Accounting 7 there are several values that are used to 'link' records together from multiple files.  For example, the Customer Code field is used to link the main customer information record to their sales orders, vouchers, invoices, and history records.  We don't allow you to change a Customer code directly in the Maintain Customer File (AR-A) since you would lose the connection with all the other records for this customer if you did.  However, we provide this program to accomplish the same task.  You can also put in your own list of linked fields if you have made modifications to Advanced Accounting 7 or have added your own programs.


General Program Operation


When you choose this program the menu above will be displayed.  Normally you would want to choose C (Change Actual Field Values), however you could choose A to enter or change the related field lists.



       Add/Chg/Del Related Fields


Enter the appropriate title for this change type group.  For example, we use CUSTOMER CODE to change the customer code in all related files.  Press the F2 key to get a list of existing change types.


If any fields are already in that group they will be displayed in the list window as above.  The two items in the list are the field name and the number of instances this value will appear in the file.  For example, in the Customer file itself the specific code will exist only once.  However, in the history invoice file it may exist many times.  This tells the program whether or not it needs to keep looking for that same value many times when updating a specific file or only once.


 You only enter the appropriate field names and not files.  The program knows which files these fields occur in and will keep that information automatically.


To delete a field already in the list move the cursor to the appropriate line and press the ESC key (full cursor bar will be displayed) and then the DEL key.  The program will ask you to confirm your choice.


To change a field move the cursor to that appropriate field and make the change you wish.  If the full cursor bar is displayed you will have to press the ENTER key before you will be able to make a change.


To add a field keep pressing the ENTER key until the cursor is at the first blank line.  Then enter the new field name and the appropriate instances value (S - Single or M - Many).


When you are finished with the change type group press the ESC key and the program will display the full choice bar (if it isn't already).  Press the ESC key again and the program will return to the initial choice screen.  To return to the Main Menu press the ESC key.



       Change Related Field Values



When you choose the Change option the screen above is displayed.  Enter the appropriate change type group name or press the F2 key to get a list of groups available.  Next the program will ask for the appropriate company code.  If this is for all companies then press the ENTER key to accept the default of ???.  If this is for a specific company then enter the full code (include the leading B if appropriate).


Now enter the current value you wish to change and then the new value.  Finally, the program will ask whether or not to display warning messages.  If a value is not found in all files checked at least once a message warning of that will be displayed.  However, if you have very large files this change process can take some time to complete.  In that case you might be doing other things while it is working and you don't want it to stop in the middle just to give you an error message that you don't really care about.  In that case enter N here and the process will go from start to finish without interruption.


When completed the program will return to the initial choose menu.  To return to the Main Menu press the ESC key.


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