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Sales Control

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Sales Control Summary

The Sales Control system provides a simple and efficient CRM (customer relationship management) system fully integrated into your accounting product.


 The current Sales Control options supplied with Advanced Accounting 7 will be expanded in the future to include new programs and features.


When you choose Sales Control on the main menu, the list of options shown below is displayed.  After providing brief summaries of each choice, this section describes the purpose and operation of each option in detail.


A -        Enter/Change Contacts

B -        Followups

C -        Print Followups

D -        Quick Info Lookup

E -        Print All Contacts

F -        Print Contact Labels

G -        Maintain Status File



       A - Enter/Change Contacts

This is the main contact program.  Use this to enter/change contacts for customers, vendors and employees.  


       B - Followups

Use this program to enter and check for followups for your contacts.


       C - Print Followups

This program will print the followups entered in SC-B.


       D - Quick Info Lookup

Use this program to do a quick lookup of addresses, phone numbers, etc for customers, vendors or employees.


       E - Print All Contacts

This program will print the contact information entered in SC-A.


       F - Print Contact Labels

Print labels for contacts entered in SC-A.


       G - Maintain Status File

Use this program to enter or change the status types used in SC-A.




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