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File Paths (locations)

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PATH SETTINGS IN Advanced Accounting 7

There are 3 directory path settings that are critical.  All of these settings can be changed from within Advanced Accounting 7 itself:


Default Path

This is your default location when you start Advanced Accounting 7.  It may be different than where the executable programs are installed if you have them installed on a local drive and the run programs/data installed on the server.  For the initial installation this is setup automatically.  If you have multiple workstations this is also set properly if you use the WSINSTALL.EXE program that comes with Advanced Accounting 7.  This path is entered in UT-B - Set Configuration.


Data Dictionary Path

This is the location of the set of files that make up the data dictionary.  There are 14 files (.DBF is where the data is stored, .MDX is the index file so that records can be found quickly);

FILEDICT.DBF/.MDX - This file keeps track of the structure of the different files.  Each field for each file has a record here.  A group of fields is called a FD (file descriptor).


FILELOC.DBF/.MDX - This file keeps track of the physical location of the file, which FD applies and the file extension.  There may also be a short description.


FILEKEY.DBF/.MDX and FILEKNUM.DBF/.MDX - These files are used to keep track of the keys or indexes for the FD.


FILEDBF.DBF/.MDX - This file is used in connection with FILEDICT to keep track of the FD structure.


FILEDES.DBF/.MDX - This is the initialized image used when creating a Btrieve version file.


FILEDFLD.DBF/.MDX - This file contains defined fields that are used when compiling Advanced Accounting programs.  By keeping these fields here we can use them anywhere and they will always be created the same way.


 The program required to edit these fields is not provided with Advanced Accounting 7.  However, you need to make sure you keep a copy of these fields, along with your other company data.


Company Data File Paths

Advanced Accounting 7 keeps a listing of the physical location of the individual data files for each company that you have set up.  These locations can be maintained by using FL-H - Maintain Location File.


 It is recommended that you put the data files for each company (different Company Code) in a separate subdirectory.  They can be a subdirectory of the location where Advanced Accounting is installed.




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