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The File Manager

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Advanced Accounting 7 uses a facility in TAS Professional 7 called the File Manager to keep track of all of the different files that make up the RUN programs.  These include programs with the extension .RUN, .RWN, .DFM (form files for GUI programs), .RTM (report formats), and, if you've purchased source code, .SRC.  Just the run and form/report files total to over 500 individual files.  By using the File Manager you only have to worry about 3.


However, all of the programs and files are still available on an individual basis.  Changes can be made to any single file without having to change them all.


If you should purchase the source code and TAS Professional 7, the program is already fully integrated.


Full documentation for the File Manager is provided with the TAS Professional 7 documentation.  However, you can run the program by selecting FL-I from the File Utilities menu.


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