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Maintaining Your Data

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Establish a regular backup routine for your Advanced Accounting 7 data.  Just like losing an important document, data in a computer sometimes gets lost, too; the amount of frustration you experience when this happens is directly related to how much work you must re-do to recover it.  Making regular backup copies of your accounting data files can mean the difference between redoing a few minutes of work versus recreating a few days or weeks of work.  We recommend frequent, i.e. daily, backup of your data files.  These have the extension .Bxx where xx is the company code.  The default company code is blank so the default data files would be .B with no extra characters.  You should also backup your system files, those with .RUN, .RWN, .EXE and .DLL anytime you make changes to your programs or you install an update.  Also, you need to backup the other files that make up Advanced Accounting 7.  These have the extension .DBF, .MDX and .DBT.  These are CodeBase files and are used for the Data Dictionary, File Manager and other uses.


Read Appendix D - Important Times, for a recommended backup schedule as well as an overview of other regularly scheduled system operations. 



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