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GL-P - Print Custom Statements

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Purpose of Program


This program allows you to print out the specialized financial statements you defined in GL-O, Format Custom Statements.  You can choose from a menu of report formats.  If you are using multiple companies and you have used SY-I, Consolidate Financials to create a consolidated Chart of Accounts, you are offered the option of printing a statement from those combined records.  Samples of statements printed with this program are provided in Appendix F.


General Program Operation

When you run this program, the screen display is similar to that of GL-G, Print Financial Statements. Type in the name of the custom statement format you wish to use, or press F2 to choose from a menu of format names.


Once you have chosen a report format, the operation of this program is identical to that of GL-G, Print Financial Statements.  Please refer to that section if you need more information.


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