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FL-E - Print File Info

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Purpose of Program


This option will allow you to choose a set of file descriptors and print out complete field and key information.  A file description, or FD, is the structure of an individual database file.  It contains information about the names and types of fields that make up each record in the file, as well as the names of index keys, which fields those keys are composed of, and the names of the files that use this FD as its structure.


General Program Operation


Enter the range of file descriptors for which you wish to print information.  You can click on the down arrow button to get a list of FDs.  Enter the same name in both the "Print-from" and "Print-Thru" fields to get information for a single FD.


See Standard Printing Commands for more on printing. A sample of the report is in Appendix F.  The program returns to the screen above after the report is closed.


You can go directly to the report by clicking on the Print button or pressing the F10 key.  To exit the program click on the Exit button or press the ESC key.


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