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B - Edit Passwords and Lists

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The "Edit Passwords and Lists" program shown above has 3 functions.

The ability to change all of the passwords in the "Dispatch" software
Modify the lists and the list descriptions.


Changing Passwords

Changing the passwords is just a matter of typing in the new password where the old one was.  The passwords are saved automatically when the program exits.


Modifying Lists

All of the lists in the Dispatch software can be modified from this part of the program.  The following keys are available when in the list fields.


F2 List Brings up a window of all of the items currently on the list.        
F3 Clear Clears the field
F4 Delete Deletes the current record from the list
F5 First Brings up the first list item.
F6 Last Brings up the last list item.
F7 Prev Brings up the previous item if any.
F8 Next Brings up the next item if any.
F9 Srch Type a partial list item and press F9 to bring up the closest match


When the cursor is in the field for that list the item is automatically saved when "Enter" is pressed.  The cursor will not move from that field so you can type several list items at once.  To move the cursor to the next list either "Click" on that field or use the arrow keys.


Work Types List

This field is found in the "Job Window" of the Dispatch program.  It is used to classify the type of work that is done during a service call.


Payment Types List

Also found in the "Job Window" of the Dispatch program.  It is used to describe the agreed upon payment method when the call is first recorded.  It is not the actual payment method that is set in the "Sales Order" screen.


Hold Types List

The "Hold Types" list is the list that is found in the "Hold " procedure in dispatch.


Category Types List

This is the "Cat" field that is found in "Inventory Control" item "A".  It is useful in categorizing your inventory.


Advertising Code List

Found in the "Dispatch Window" the advertising codes help you keep track of advertising costs.



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