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Edit File Locations

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Edit File Locations

       This item will display the following screen:



       To display an existing file location record click on the ellipsis button in the File Name field.  A list of files will be displayed.  To create a new file location record enter the file name (maximum of 32 characters), the extension, the FD Name for this file (a list of existing FDs can be displayed by clicking on the drop down arrow), the Record Type (B - Btrieve, C - CodeBase or DBF, N - non-TAS), and the location of the file or path.  You can also enter a 40 character description for your own use.


       To save a new location record or changes to an existing one click on the Save button.  To delete a location record and the file it refers to you need to find that record first by specifying the File Name and Extension, and then clicking the Delete File button.


       If you want to change the location (path) of all files with the same extension then click on the Update All button.  The following dialog box will be displayed:


       Enter the appropriate three characters extension and the new path.  You can display locations on your hard drive (or a network drive) by clicking on the ellipsis button in the Path field.  Click on the Do Update button when you're ready to continue.


       NOTE:  A record must exist in the location file for each file you open in a TAS Professional program.  A record must exist before you can initialize or create a file.  If you delete the location record the file that's referred to will also be deleted.


Print File Locnatios

       This menu item will print the information in the location file or you can use CTRL+P.


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