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UT-A - Run TAS Program

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This option allows you to run an existing TAS-Professional program. TAS-Professional is a separate product that can be used to modify and manipulate your Advanced Accounting 7 environment; if you have not purchased TAS-Professional, you will only use this option to run TAS programs provided with your Advanced Accounting software.  Contact Computer Accounting Solutions, Inc. for more information about the features and benefits of TAS-Professional and the way it works with Advanced Accounting 7.


TAS programs have a file name with the extension .RUN or .RWN.  When you select this option, the following form is displayed:


Enter the name of the TAS program to run (with the extension).  You can also click on the ellipsis button and a list of available programs will be displayed.  After entering or selecting the desired program, press ENTER to begin execution.


TAS programs provided with Advanced Accounting 7 are BKCLRDAT and BKBEGINV among others.  BKCLRDAT and BKBEGINV are discussed in Getting Started.



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