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Support Policies and Procedures

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Computer Accounting Solutions. has provided you with complete documentation and a "read me" file to assist you with the operation of the product.  However, if you have questions, unexpected problems, update requirements, or a product return, you must initially contact the place of purchase.  Please review the following support policies and procedures before requesting assistance.


       Before Contacting Product Support

1)  Review your manuals thoroughly.
2)  Have your product serial number ready (the number can be located on your original diskettes).
3) Have your invoice number and date of purchase available.
4)Designate a single point of contact for dealing with product support.  If that's you, please be located in front of your computer, with the computer on and the software loaded, if possible.  You need to be ready to work with the software.
5)  Have your manuals within reach.



       Basic Support Program

Source:Computer Accounting Solutions


Fee:No Charge



of Agreement:30 days (from date of purchase) or a maximum of 2 calls.


Purpose:To assist in the installation of Advanced Accounting 7.




Support  Hotlines:9:00 am - 5:00 p.m. PST or PDS

       Monday through Friday

                               (928)257-1236 or via email at anytime.


Regular support is provided via email at  We do our best to answer all questions as quickly as possible.  And, if someone is available after normal business hours or on the weekends, we will do our best to answer any and all questions.  This also includes all updates and new features that have been released for the basic product.


Source:Computer Accounting Solutions.


Fee:No Charge


Purpose:To assist in the ongoing use of CAS products.


Enrollment:Registered User


Support Hotlines:24 hours a day, 7 days a week



Your initial purchase includes Basic and Regular support for the first year.  Thereafter, you may renew the Regular Support Program for $200 per year.  This includes unlimited email support as above and all updates and enhancements that have been made to the base product (see Update Procedures below).  Rather than charge for upgrades, this fee covers both the support costs and upgrade fees you would normally pay once a year or every couple of years.


Your license for Advanced Accounting 7 never expires.  Once you have purchased a copy of Advanced Accounting 7, you will be able to continue to use it as long as you are in compliance with the license agreement.  However, if you don't renew your support you will not be able to get support via email or updates/enhancements to the product.


Updates and enhancements are always available on-line for Advanced Accounting 7.  As long as your license is in renewal you will be able to update your programs anytime you wish.  This link will take you directly our web site Button .  Follow the instructions once you get there.


The updates provided will have their own install routine.  The updates will be accumulated for an entire year.  So, at any time, you should be able to download the updates and have the latest version with a minimum of effort.


If you'd like the security of being able to call and talk directly to technical support, this is the program for you.


Source:Computer Accounting Solutions.


Fees:Per Call - $2/minute - 15 minute minimums - no maximum

       Pre-paid blocks:

       90 minutes/18 months, no minimums . . . . .        $ 150.00

       3 hours/3 years, no minimums  . . . . . . . . .        $ 270.00

       10 hours, must use in same year period  . .        $ 750.00


Method of Payment:VISA, M/C, Amex, Discover or Check (pre-paid).


Purpose:To assist in the ongoing use of CAS products.


Enrollment:Registered User


Support Hotlines:9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST



Mailing AddressComputer Accounting Solutions

       2736 Colorado

       Kingman, AZ 86401


       For more information please contact Computer Accounting Solutions directly.  Computer Accounting Solutions is also available for modifications to Advanced Accounting 7.        


Once the product is license (a license has been delivered via email) the product can no longer be returned.)


If you have purchased this product from a dealer (not directly from Computer Accounting Solutions.) you must make any returns to that dealer.  No returns will be accepted more than 30 days after date of purchase.


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