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POS-G - Post Cash Out Transactions

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Purpose of Program

Use this program to post any cash out's performed by your clerks.  The program will cycle through all unposted cash out's and allow you to post them.


When you choose this option the dialog above will be presented if you click the enter button you will used the screen below to edit and post your cash out transaction for the POS system.



Field Explanations

Cash Out Posting Fields


Vend Code

The vendor code.  This is a 10 character alphanumeric field.  Filled in automatically.



The vendor name, filled in automatically from the vendor file.


Inv Num

The invoice/voucher number on the bill you received from the vendor and entered by the clerk at the time of the cash out.



The date of the cash out.



An identifying description of the bill.  This will default to "cash out," but you can change this to reflect what the cash out was for.



Not used in this program.



Defaults to Cash Out.


Tot Amt

The total amount of the cash out.


G/L Dept

If you are using G/L Departments, enter the G/L department for posting the Tot Amt in this field; this field also functions as a default for the distribution accounts.


Distribution Fields


In order to enter a balanced transaction, you will need to distribute the amount of the cash out to one or more G/L accounts.  You will specify the accounts you want the balancing amounts to post to using the fields below.


G/L Account-Dept

The General Ledger Account(s) and Department(s) you are using to balance the cash out.  You can distribute the amount of the cash out any way you wish.



The description of each G/L Account is filled in automatically by Advanced Accounting.



The Debit/Credit field defaults to what is necessary to balance the transaction, and you can change the entry if you want.



The distribution amount.  These amounts should total to the amount of the cash out.  The program offers as a default the amount needed to balance the transaction.


General Program Operation

This program operates in a very similar way to AP-B, Enter/Change Vouchers except that it is adapted specifically for posting cash out's in the POS system.


When you select this menu item, and if there are any items to be posted, the dialog box above will be displayed.  If you enter N or press the <Enter> key (the default action) the program will continue to the next waiting cash-out item, if there are any. 


If you enter Y or click on the Yes button the entry screen above will be displayed with most of the fields in the top half of the screen already filled in with data.


Press <Enter> to accept the default or your new entry.  Enter a G/L Department number if any and then proceed to the G/L Account number fields in the bottom half of the screen.  Here's where you enter the account numbers and amounts for distribution.  You can choose a G/L account using the <F2> look-up, and you can distribute the cash out over a maximum of 10 different G/L accounts.


Typically you would enter a debit (D) to an Expense (type E) account.  For each account number, enter an amount of the cash out to be applied.  When the total applied is equal to the amount of the cash out, press <Enter> from a blank line, and the system will ask if you want to post.  If you answer N, you will return to the account number entry portion of the program.  If you answer Y, the system will bring up the next unposted cash out and ask if you want to continue.


When all cash out's have been posted or you choose not to continue, the program will return to the POS menu.  Posted cash out's will be recorded in the Cash Disbursements journal.


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