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Inventory Lookup

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Advanced Accounting 7 allows you to lookup inventory information from almost every program.  Enter the @I (Alt+I) key and the following lookup screen will be displayed:


This is a standard look-up list and you can find the item by entering the first few characters of the Product Code, using the standard list keys, or 'mousing' to it.  Press the ENTER key to select the item and the following form will display:

Information about that inventory item will be displayed and, if this is an R type item (or not N) you can press the F2 key and the location records will be displayed, like this:


You can also get cost information for each location by pressing the ^K (Ctrl+K) key from the main screen, or clicking on the Cost Info button.



To lookup another item press the ENTER key and you will return to the lookup list.  To exit press the ESC key and you will return to the original program.


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