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GL-M - Enter Recurring G/J Transactions

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Purpose of Program


This program provides you with a convenient way to post a periodic transaction without reentering the transaction every time.  Once the transaction "template" is entered through this program, the posting program (GL-N, Generate Recurring G/J Trans) allows you to call up the template for subsequent transactions to be filled in automatically.  The current date is posted as the transaction date.


The screen below is followed by an explanation of the fields, limited to those which differ from GL-B, Enter/Chg/Print G/J Entries.  A sample of the print option for this program is provided in Appendix F.


Field Explanations


New FieldsRecurring Items Only


The following fields only occur in the entry screen for recurring G/J transactions.  For explanations and instructions for the other fields, see GL-B, Enter/Chg/Print G/J Entries.


Next Trans Date

The date the next transaction is scheduled, calculated from the initial date entered, and from how frequently the transaction recurs.  When you first set up a recurring entry template, enter the first date that this transaction should be generated here.


Selection Code

Use this field to attach a one letter code to the recurring transaction as a memory aid, and to enable you to limit posting to a particular type of transaction in the posting program (GL-N).  For example, an adjusting entry for Depreciation might be assigned a Selection Code of D, or W for a weekly transaction.



The entry in this field indicates the number of times per year that the transaction occurs.  For example, the Frequency entry would be 52 for a weekly transaction or 12 for a monthly one.  This field is used for calculating the next transaction date.



The entry in this field is the maximum number of times in a year that this transaction may be posted.  When the Post Recurring G/J Trans program is run, only transactions which have not yet reached their maximum are posted.  This field is used to determine whether or not to post the transaction.



General Program Operation


See GL-B, Enter/Chg/Print G/J Entries for an explanation of how to enter a transaction in the General Journal.  The fields described above are required fields, except for the Selection Code field.  You are not allowed to save a record that does not have the required fields filled.  The F3 print option uses the same procedure as in GL-B, except an option to enter Selection Code is also provided.


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