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FL-G - Reindex Database

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Purpose of Program


Use this program to recreate the indexes for a file.  You would do this if programs that use this file could not display or find data in the proper order.  If the records are not in the proper order, or if you think there are records that are not being found then reindex that file using this program.  In the normal course of running Advanced Accounting 7 you should not have to use this program.


General Program Operation


Enter a path and file name in the first field.  You can use any standard wildcards.  This defaults to your current data dictionary location.  Then click the Find Files to search for all files that match.  These files will be listed in the grid on the left.  A sample follows:


The Status tells what Btrieve version the file has been setup for.  The Num Recs is the number of records in the file.  The second grid is a list of files that can't be reindexed.  The Type value can be L, file is locked in some way, or N, this is not a Btrieve file.


Once the list of files is displayed click on the Re-Index button and the files will be reindexed one at a time.


 This works for Btrieve files only.


 Make sure you make a backup of the file before reindexing it.  Should the process fail for any reason you will not be able to recover the data in the file without a backup.  Also, depending on the size of the file this process can take a substantial amount of time.  You cannot have any other user on the system accessing this file when it is being reindexed.


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