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Dispatch Overview

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Dispatch offers the user a convenient way to dispatch technicians out to the field.  Some of the features of the software include:


An easy to use intuitive software interface.
Automatic time and date recording of dispatch events.
Printed dispatch tickets that can be handed directly to technicians.
Advanced customer and dispatch search capabilities.
Dispatch Archive making it easy to bring up previous jobs for review.
The ability to add notes to your jobs and customers.
Automatic integration with the software's accounting features.
Dispatch hold features complete with a "Part Hold" procedure.
Truck tracking capability.


Below is a list of the available programs in the Dispatch module with a brief discussion of each.


A - Dispatch Jobs

The "Dispatch Jobs" program is the main element in the dispatch module.  From here you may take calls, edit calls, dispatch trucks and much, much more.  You will find yourself in this program more often then not.


B - Edit Passwords and Lists

"Edit Passwords and Lists" allows the administrator or manager of the company to change the various passwords in the program.  You also may change the "selection lists" found in the "Dispatch Jobs" program.


C - Dispatch Archive

The "Dispatch Archive" is a powerful tool allowing you to view any work you have done for a customer at any time.  You can also send a particular call back to dispatch after it has been finished if more intervention is required.  The archive allows the "search dispatch lists" to only display calls that are current while maintaining the ability to go back and view any work that has been done since the software was installed.


F - Part Hold Report

One of the features of dispatch is the ability to put a dispatch on "Inventory Hold" until a part comes in.  This report will list all of the inventory items that are causing calls to be held up.




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