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BM-A - Enter Bill of Materials

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Purpose of Program

Use this program to enter and modify bills of material.


Field Explanations


Master Product

The product code for the finished product.  The product must have a type of A (Assembly) or F (Finished Good).  For more information about the inventory system please refer to your Advanced Accounting 4.0 manual or the section on Other Program Changes.


You can enter a code in this field or use F2 to select from a list.  If you enter a product code not found in the file you will be able to add the product at this time.



This is the product description from the inventory master record.


Bill of Material List Window

After you enter the product code, if a BOM already exists for this product it will be displayed in the list window.  The cursor will be on the first line and you can either add, change or delete lines in the BOM.


Component Code

This is the product code of the inventory item that is a part of this product.  This may be any type of product (A, F, R - Regular, or N - Non-inventory).  If you press just the ENTER key here and leave the field blank you will be able to put in a message line.


If the component product code is not found you may add it into the inventory file at this time.



This is the product type from the inventory master record.



The product description from the inventory record.  If the Component Code field is blank you will be able to enter a message into this field.  This could be an instruction or something else you want to print with the BOM.


Qty Reqd

The quantity of this part required for this assembly.


General Program Operation

Adding a New Bill of Material

Click the add or insert line buttons or you can double click on an existing line to edit. The following screen will be displayed.


Enter a product code or press the F2 key to get a list of assemblies and finished goods.  If you need to add a new product to the inventory file enter the code now.  When the program asks if you wish to add it answer Y and you will be transferred to IC-A, Add/Change Inventory.  You will automatically return after you are finished.


The description for the product will automatically be displayed.


The cursor is placed at the beginning of the list window.  Press the ENTER key to add a new line.  The first entry in the line is the Component Code.  You may enter a product code here, if you know it, or press the F2 key to get a list of products.  If you want to enter a message line then just press the ENTER key and leave the Component Code blank.  Any type of inventory item may be a part of a BOM, including a non-inventory product.


The cursor will move to the Description field.  If this is an inventory item the default value will be the description from the inventory file.  You can change it or just press the ENTER key to accept it as is.  If this is a message line enter your message now.


If this is an inventory item you will next be asked for the Qty Reqd, or how much of this component do you need for the finished product.  If this is a message line the cursor will move automatically to the next line.


After you enter the Qty Reqd, if appropriate, or the message, the program will be ready to enter a new line.  To do so press ENTER and you will be able to repeat the process above.  Continue until all components for this product have been entered, including any notes or messages as required.


When you are finished press the F10 key or click the save button at the top of the screen to save the BOM or to return to the menu without saving press the ESC key or click the exit button at the top of the screen.  The program will ask you to verify exiting without a save.  If you enter Yes the program will NOT save the changes made.  If you enter No you will be returned to the list.  Once you have saved the BOM or verified you wish to lose any changes made the program will return to the initial entry.  You can then enter a new BOM or press the ESC key to return to the menu.


Changing a BOM

Search for the product as you would above.  To change a line in the BOM move the cursor bar to that line and press the ENTER key.  You can then change the Component Code, Description or Qty Reqd.


To delete a line move the cursor bar to that line and press the CTL-DEL keys or click the Delete line button.  You will be asked to verify the deletion.  If you enter Yes the line will be removed from the list.


To add a new line press the CTL+A keys or click the Add line button. You can also insert a line by pressing the CTL+INS keys or click the Insert line button.


 No additions, changes, or deletions are final until you press F10 and save the BOM.  If you do not do so the original BOM is restored.  This does not, however, apply to deleting the entire BOM as described below.


Deleting an Existing Bill of Material

Enter the appropriate product code.  When the cursor moves to the list window press the F4 key.  The program will ask if you're sure you want to delete the BOM.  If you answer Y all lines will be deleted and the program will return to the initial entry field.


 This process will NOT delete the actual inventory record but only the BOM lines.


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