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XP Theme Support

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XP Theme


In TAS Professional powered by CAS.  The programmer has the choice to support XP themes or not.


When we included this support in our application runtime and the IDE we ran into some problems when using skins. So what we have done is to let you the programmer use or not use this support. In the Install folder inside your Tas development there is a folder named XP Theme contains the XP theme support files for TAS professional Powered by CAS.


To use the files simply copy the file you want to use.



If you want the runtime to use XP themes copy the TASRUNTIME.EXE.manifest file to the development folder you are working on and XP themes  will start working.


Filenames are as follows.


TASRUNTIME.EXE.manifest  This is the runtime theme support file.

TASPRO7.EXE.manifest        This file is for the IDE

rbbuilder.exe.manifest            This is the report builder support file.


TASEXECUTE.EXE.manifest This is for the TAS Exicute program.


Note: If you do have any problems using this interface just delete the XP Theme support file and the program will no longer use xp themes this may or may not be needed if you are using the skins feature in the system.


Note: Also in our testing of this feature we found that there were a lot of problems running the old TAS 5.1 type programs problems noted were the nmenu command would give your menu a transparent look. and there were a few other things we found so this is why we decided to let you the programmer decide to use this feature or not.


The install program is not setup to turn this feature on. You the program have to copy the manifest files into the application you want to use XP Themes.


One source of new updated skins for your computer is window blind's



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