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Set Object Property Value

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This command will allow you to update property values of objects on a form.


SET_OBJECT f/c/e Required - The object name you want to access.


PROPERTY f/c/e Required - The property name of the object.


VALUE f/c/eRequired - The new value for the property you want to change.


USE_FORM f/c/e  Generally, you will be changing a property of an object on the current form.  However, if you want to access a different form you would put that form's pointer value here.  You can get this value by using the FORM_PTR() function.


       NOTE:  Unless you're specifically accessing an object on a form OTHER THAN your current form you will not need to use this option.



This command is similar to the '' option in the EQUAL (=) command.  However, this command can be used on forms also, where the EQUAL command variation cannot.  You can also specify on which form the object exists, you cannot do that using the EQUAL command.


Example of Set_Object

set_object 'button1' property 'caption' value 'My Button Caption'


'@button1.caption' = 'My Button Caption'








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