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TAS Professional powered by CAS no longer ships with the Btrieve 6.15 workgroup engine,  However you can call and order an up to date version of the Databases from pervasive software, if you require using this database engine in your applications, CAS recommends  the latest release of this database engine, which TAS Professionals IDE can implement seamlessly. We have included the below information for your review.

CAS is not  an authorized reseller of the Pervasive.SQL database, so contact


Pervasive.SQL offers:


Industry-leading performance

Btrieve® Performance - transactional API for the fastest access to your data
Improved SQL Optimizer - delivers faster SQL performance. ODBC, JDBC, ADO / OLE DB and PDAC all take advantage of these improvements
Turbo Write Accelerator - maximizes the efficiency of your disk I/O
Full backward compatibility - leverage your legacy applications and databases


Embeddability for seamless application development and deployment

Development Class Library - masks the complexity, configuration and administration of the database from within the application
Full Installation Toolkit - allows transparent deployment of the database engine as part of the business application
Continuous Operations - 24 x 7 availability of data, even during backups!


Low Total cost of ownership

Pervasive System Analyzer - eliminates deployment issues related to component management
Auto-Reconnect technology - avoids minor networking issues by seamlessly reconnecting workstations to a server engine in case of a network error
Cross-platform dynamic parameters - no need to remaster the database environment from platform to platform
Cross-platform consistency - common behavior across all editions and platforms simplifies cross-platform deployment and administration
Server/Requester version independence - dramatically simplifies your deployment

Pervasive.SQL  is a superior data-management solution that can be seamlessly embedded into mission-critical applications, providing the crucial backbone users rely on to power their success. With its small footprint, easy installation and simple deployment, Pervasive.SQL  is the embedded data-management solution of choice for developers the world over.


A Complete Family Of Solutions

No matter your current size, needs or growth, the Pervasive.SQL  product family supports you in your drive to success, by providing everything you need to easily develop, deploy and maintain today's most advanced client/server and Web applications. Pervasive.SQL  scales across the spectrum of computing environments - from individual workstations to high-volume Web servers.


Pervasive.SQL  Server is perfect for both client/server and Web environments. It's the ideal solution for larger departments and growing enterprises that demand the highest level of performance, security, reliability and multi-platform support.


Pervasive.SQL  Workgroup lets you access all your critical data, regardless of where it resides on a peer-to-peer network. It combines the reliability, security and performance of the client/server architecture with the flexibility of the workgroup environment, and can also bring the scope and power of the server engine to the single desktop - without compromising quality or performance.



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