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UT-E - TASNotes Reports

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This option will allow you to print TASNotes notes.  These are the notes you've attached to customers, vendors, inventory items, etc.  This does not include the notes you've attached to S/O or P/O line items.  The only way to print those notes is with the appropriate sales or purchase order.


When you choose this option the screen following will be displayed.


You may restrict the output using any of the fields displayed in the screen above.  The For Application is an internal code that determines where the note originated.  The codes are as follows:


GL - General Ledger                INV - Inventory

AR - Accounts Receivable        PR - Payroll

AP - Accounts Payable                SO - Sales Order      

BOM - Bill of Materials                JC - Job Cost  

PO - Purchase Order                POS - Point of Sale

SC - Sales Control Contacts        SCB - Sales Control Followups

HLP - Help messages                PT - Messages for Emails and Faxes


Generally, you would use AR for any Customer notes, AP for Vendor notes and INV for Inventory item notes.


 A list of the options is available if you click on the down arrow in the box.


By Whom refers to the initials of the person who entered each note originally.


See Standard Printing Commands for more on printing. A sample of the report is in Appendix F.  The program returns to the screen above after the report is closed.


You can go directly to the report by clicking on the Print button or pressing the F10 key.  To exit the program click on the Exit button or press the ESC key.


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