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SO-E - Release Sales Orders

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Purpose of Program


If you have set the ready-to-ship flag in the sales order header or the line item to N, this program allows you to release those items for invoicing, posting, and shipping.  This change has the same result as changing the all the Rdy? flags in the individual sales order to Y using SO-A, Enter Sales Orders.  


General Program Operation

When you run this program, the screen above is displayed.  You can specify a range of sales orders or a single one by entering the same s/o number in both the From/Thru fields.


If you want to release just a single product code then enter it in the next field.  To release the entire sales order leave this field blank.


If you want to automatically check for backorders that could be filled enter Y at the Fill any backorders question.  If you want to be able to enter the Freight amount for each sales order enter Y for the Enter Freight question.


 If you don't release the entire sales order any message lines (not notes that are attached to line items) that are marked as not ready will not be automatically marked as ready.


If you have chosen to enter the freight amount you will be able to do so for each sales order that is released.  This will default to the value currently in the order.


After the process is complete the program will return to the main menu.


 If you wish to release individual line items only within a sales order use the SO-A, Enter Sales Orders.


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