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IC-J - Global Price Change

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Use this program to change a set of products rather than having to make a similar change to individual inventory items.  You can limit the range of the products you want to affect by specific product code ranges as well as category or class ranges.  You can increase or decrease prices by a flat amount or by a percentage.


General Program Operation

How to Affect Prices:

The above is displayed when the program first runs.  You can choose between an increase (I) or decrease (D) in your prices.


Affect Prices by a:

Allows you to choose between a change based on a percentage (P) of the price base or a flat dollar amount (F).  When using percentages, enter them in the format 60 rather than 0.05 to indication 5%


Levels to Change

You have complet control over what is changed in this program. You can make a price change by individule base price or levels 1 - 9. to change all click the change all button.


Range of Products to Change


From Product Code - Thru Product Code

You can limit the products to be affected by specifying product code ranges.  The F2 list display option can help you select the appropriate product range.


From/Thru Category, From/Thru Class

If you want to limit the effect of your price to a subset of products, you can add category and class specifications.


After you have confirmed that you wish to proceed, the lower half of the screen will display the Product Code, Description, Class, Category, and Unit Price of each product as it is being changed.


Because this program can affect many products at once, be sure to back up your files before running this program. Confirm the range of products that you are about to change; you are not given the opportunity to confirm the change on each product you have selected.  This program changes the base price of the products selected as well as any associated price levels within a flat rate price matrix.   Use of this program updates the selling price in the inventory master file and updates the price levels in any fixed price matrix.


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