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IC-E - Print Physical Check

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Use this program to print out a report format that you can fill in when you take a physical inventory count.   The report includes product code, description, total units (units on hand plus units on sales orders), and space to write in the number of units counted. If you are planning to use the printout for a specific location, be sure to specify the location in the request so that only the items for that location will be on the list.  A sample printout is provided in Appendix F.


General Program Operation


       When you run Print Physical Check, you select from the standard inventory printout specification screen, limiting the report by Product Codes, Category, Class, and location information.  You may limit the report to any group of products.  If you do not enter limits, the program will print all the inventory items at all locations.


       Normally, the Units On Hand and Units On Sales Order print together as one total.  However, you can split them into their separate values by entering Y at the Print UOH and UOSO in separate columns? question.


       After the printing is complete, the program returns to the main menu.


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