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The detail band prints multiple times on the page until all page space is utilized or an ending condition is detected.


This object is created automatically along with the TppHeaderBand and the TppFooterBand.  The Detail Band is used for printing multiple records.


NOTE: TppSubReports may be placed ONLY in a Detail Band.




Report -> Detail



The following are the properties that apply to this object.  Some are defined in Common Properties and are linked to their appropriate page.


HeightThis is the vertical distance of the band in the appropriate units.  You can adjust the Height of any band by moving the mouse to the bottom bar of the band, the mouse will turn into a double headed arrow, and, holding the left mouse button down, move the band up or down as desired.







Each time you select the Detail option from the menu you toggle the band on and off.  If you turn the band off the check mark next to the item in the Report menu will turn off and the band will disappear on the current page displayed.


NOTE:  If you turn a band off and there are objects on that band, they will be deleted from the form with the band.


NOTE:  The band options on the Report menu effect only the currently displayed page.



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