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Time Field Format Options

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The following are the various options for displaying (entering) the Time field:


TimeField5HH:MM  (24 hour spec, no AM/PM) (tf_5)


TimeField7HH:MM AM/PM (tf_7)


TimeField8HH:MM:SS (24 hour spec, no AM/PM) (tf_8)


TimeField10HH:MM:SS AM/PM (tf10)


TimeField11HH:MM:SS.MS (24 hour spec, no AM/PM) (tf11)


TimeField13HH:MM:SS.MS AM/PM (tf13)


NOTE:  If you are using the TTASTimeEnter object and check the ElapsedTime property for TimeField7, TimeField10 and TimeField13 the number of hours will increase by 2 and there will be no AM/PM designator.  For example, TimeField7 would be HHHH:MM.



HH = Hours

MM = Minutes

SS = Seconds

MS = Hundreths of a second




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