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Spell Checking

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         This Command will allow you to Spell check any Entry Box or memo on the Screen *



Setup (optional) -  Brings up the TAS Professional powered by CAS Spell Checking  Setup Dialog.(This is for setup up were the Dictionary is and Such)


Object f/c/e (optional) Object to spell check


Use_form f/c/e (optional) Form to spell check  or  the Form the Object or TAG's are on.


TAG f/c/e (optional) -  spell check every object with This TAG number.



NOTE : At this time spell checking is only support for the TASEnter,TASmemo, Memo , and TASComboEnter Objects.


Example : We have included a sample program to show you how to use this powerful feature in your TAS Professional programs. This example program is located in the sample folder program name is spellchecktest.src , spellchecktest.dfm. If you do not have this sample code please feel free to contact us by email and request this code. at

Example 2


  check_spelling object 'memo1' //This would spell check the object on the screen called 'memo1'



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