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This function has the same result as the RESET option in the DEFINE command, except that it can work on any previously loaded program.




1 f/c/eRequired - The name of the field you want to use in the current program.


       NOTE:  If you put the name of the field as this option, it must be surrounded by quotes, e.g., 'CustName'.  Do not just use the field name since the function will assume that the value it's looking for is held by the field you specified.


2 f/c/eRequired - The name of the program where the field was first defined, or, if it's a file field, the name of the program where the file was originally opened and the field was used.



If the function is successful it will return .T., if not, .F..



Using the RESET option in the DEFINE command works only when the field is referred to in the previous program and that program CHAINed to the current program.  If that's not the case, for example, if the user has multiple program running at the same time due to separate choices from the menu, the RESET option won't work.  In that case you would want to use this function.  Another example would be if you have specified a main menu program.  Any program run from the main menu is not a normal chain.  If you wanted to use a field in the main menu program you must use this function.


If this function is successful the result is the same as the DEFINE RESET option.  Any changes you make to that field value will be made in the original program so that any other program accessing the field will get the result of that change.


NOTE:  When specifying the program name in part 2 use only the main part of the name.  The path and extension should not be included.



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