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This function will load a DLL program into memory.



1 f/c/eRequired - The name of the DLL to load, must include complete path.



Returns a numeric value that refers to the program loaded.  Whenever you want to call a routine in that program you will need this value.


NOTE:  If the program cannot be found, or is not loaded for some reason, this will be 0.



These are true DLLs.  You would write these using some other program than TAS, for example, Delphi or C++.  The DLL is accessible only in the program where it was loaded.  It will remain in memory until it is removed (REMOVE_DLL()) or until the program in which it was called exits.


Use DLLFC() to access a function in a previously loaded DLL. REMOVE_DLL() will delete the DLL from memory.


NOTE : A good example of the use of this function would be with the TASXLS.DLL and the TASEXCEL.DLL these two DLL program are used to update or Write Excel Spreadsheet file or data. Very useful to add graphing capability's to  your TAS Professional programs.

for more information on these programs contact : Button


Click here for full documentation on TAS2XLS/TAS2EXCEL.DLL


See Sample exceltest.src in the sample\excel\ folder.



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