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This function will attempt to import a file on the disk to a memo field, export from a memo field to a file on the disk, or copy from one memo field to another.




1 f/c/eRequired - The memo field to import to, export from or copy from.


2 f/c/eRequired - The file to import from or export to.  Must have full path if not in the default path.  If the what to do option is fsCopy (copy from one memo field to another) then this must be the copy to memo field name.


3 f/c/eWhat to do

       fsImport - Import from a file to a memo field - this is the default value.

       fsExport - Export from a memo field to a file.

       fsCopy - Copy from one memo field to another.



If the function is successful it will return .T., if not it will return .F.



This is the function used in the WTASFILEMGR program to import, export and restore from backup.


NOTE:  This function only works with CodeBase files at the present time.



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