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Use this function to send FAX messages (Requires Symantec Winfax 10.0)


1 f/c/e        Phone Number (required)


2 f/c/e        Fax to (Attention)


3 f/c/e        Business Name (Company to)


4 f/c/e        Subject


5 f/c/e        Fax file to send (output report file)


6 f/c/e        Cover page filename (winfax)


7 f/c/e        Text for cover page


8 f/c/e        Preview (preview before faxing) Logical .t. or .f.


9 f/c/e        Fine resolution (use fine fax resolution)  Logical .t. or .f.


Comment We have put this information in the manual so you can find this software if you need to use this feature in TAS professional.


The leading fax management software for small businesses*


WinFax PRO 10.0 is the leading fax management software for small businesses. Its high-quality faxes help you project a professional image to your clients and customers. When image clarity is vital, you can generate photo-quality faxes. You can even send or forward faxes via email to people who don't have fax hardware or software. (Requires a free viewer available for download WinFax PRO is easy to set up, learn, and use. And it integrates smoothly with key business applications to simplify your management of client and customer interactions. Now it also supports Windows® XP. © 1995-2004 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.


Note: Attention! There is a problem in Symantec's latest version of WinFax Pro: 10.02 Their COM-Object does not work properly under XP. This means that printing from application(to the WinFax Pro Printer Driver) Does not Work under XP with this Version. (this will affect TASPRO 6)


Note: Version 10.03 Works (which Latest on the WEB)


Winfax is Copyright © 1995-2004 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows® XP is a registered tradmark of Microsoft Corporation







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